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  The growing and selling of exotic Palms, Cycads, Succulents, and educating the public in regards to care, horticultural application, and conservation.
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About the Nursery
  Botanic Wonders is a nursery located in the city of Vista, San Diego County, California. We are on a hill facing the Pacific Ocean, with one of the best growing climates in the world!  We have been growing exotic succulents for years and recently added palms and cycads to our inventory. We are not just a re-seller of plants. We propagate many of our plants from seeds and cuttings and consider ourselves experts in growing plants. We are eager to share our "secrets" with our customers, ensuring their success in growing these wonderful plants.
  We have over 30 years’ experience in the nursery field and landscape design. We can help you choose the best plants for your yard. Our specialty is "xeriscape", or drought resistant plant design for the landscape, and container gardening. We are in love with the beauty, and uniqueness of these special plants and want to share our passion with you!   Visit our web site or come see us in person. We would love to meet you and "talk" plants.

Al Klein
Steve Hansink
​  Al's interest in the natural world started in his childhood.  Growing up in Chicago he would make regular visits to Field Museum of Natural History,and read books on the natural sciences. His favorite hobbies were growing exotic plants like cacti, and collecting fossils, minerals, and insects.
  After moving to California at the age of 17 he found his passion in plants.  He was amazed at the diversity and beauty of the flora of California.  He was employed by South Shores Nursery in San Clemente California while attending California State Polytechnic University in Pomona.  He received his Bachelor  of Science in Ornamental Horticulture with emphasis in  landscape design and retail nursery management.
  After graduation he was hired by Rodgers Gardens in Corona Del Mar, California. Within a year he was promoted to Nursery Manager.  Soon Al had the opportunity to start a new business.  He was asked to help open a nursery-gift shop in Escondido California, called Canterbury Gardens and Gifts.  Al has been with Canterbury Gardens for 30 years. 
  Al loves the challenge of diagnosing plant problems and determining a cure. He also has a passion for creative container gardening.  Al has given talks at various plant clubs and children's groups like the Boy Scouts. Currently one of Al's goals is to start a series of online classes on different aspects of growing plants, from vegetable gardening, drought resistant landscape design, and creative container gardening.
  Steve was raised in North San Diego county California, in the city of Carlsbad.
Steve's mother was a landscape designer, which exposed him to horticulture at an early age.  She was actively involved in the plant world during what I like to call the "California Plant Renaissance", during the 1960's and 1970's.  This was a very exciting time in the history of horticulture.  New plants were being introduced from all parts of the world.  New growing techniques, such as the hanging moss basket were the new rage.  Steve recalls their covered patio with dozens of hanging baskets, such as Boston Ferns, Fuchsias, Begonias, Creeping Charlies, and many other hanging plants.  Friends and neighbors would ask to have wedding receptions, and other special occasions in this beautiful garden setting.
  Steve's love of the outdoors eventually led him to building construction. He became a licensed building contractor. He has run all types of construction projects, from commercial to residential, and is known for getting the job done, and not being afraid to take on challenging projects.
  One day Steve had the opportunity to visit the famous palm garden of Dr. Mardy Darian in Vista California. He was so impressed with this garden he immediately went home, removed his lawn, and started planting palms and other exotic tropicals.  The rest is history. His yard is well on its way to becoming a premier world class garden. Steve's goals are to inspire others and spread his love and passion for these unique,special plants.
You can contact us at:
info@botanicwonders.com or by phone at 760-519-9987

Come visit us at:
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Botanic Wonders
1674 Lone Oak Rd.
Vista, CA 92084
Some of Al's Favorite Insects
Some of Al's Natural History Collection
Pinecone Collection
Steve's Beautiful Garden
Steve's added Cycads and Succulents to his Landscape
Inviting Path through Steve's Palm Garden
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